ACSM-62200: AC Servo Motor Control Trainer


Fiber optics FPGA control module:
1. 100MB FPGA programmable logic gate which can be controlled by DSP
2. USB interface to connect to PC
3. 12-bit, 2 CHs ADC analog input
4. 12-bit, 2 CHs DAC analog output
5. 128KB RAM and Flash ROM memory
6. 26-pin interface providing 16 sets I/O ports and 1 set of ADDA I/O port
7. 4-digit 7-segment LED display
8. 4x4 dot matrix input
9. 16 LED I/O displays with output points
10: Fiber optics I/O port
11. FPGA control module capable of providing real time control on up to 30 sets

3-phase variable frequency driver module

1. IBM IGBT driver circuit
2. IGBT rating: 600V, 20A
3. Resistor (0.5W, 20W, 1% accuracy) for 3-phase current measurement
4. Over-voltage and over-current protection
5. Controlled by FPGA module

AC servo motor:
1. Rated output: 300W
2. Rated torque: 10.1 kg-cm2
3. Max. Torque: 30.3 kg-cm2
4. Rated speed: 3000 RPM
5. Max. Speed: 4000 RPM
6. Continuous current: 2.4 A
7. Max. current: 7.2A
8. Rotor inertia: 1.9 kg-cm2
9. Accuracy (photo encoder connected to motor): 1000P/R
10. Provides Hall element output signal
11. Module style motor base

1. FPLC graphic control software
2. Users can design their control panel
3. Basic drawings include geometric graphics, text designs
4. Dynamic displays include data, light indicator, wave, mercury, pushbuttons, etc.
5. Select any nodes among 30 nodes to download FPGA program
6. 4-CH scope display
7. 16-CH 24 MHz logic analysis display
8. Zoom in, zoom out, move, combine displayed data/ signal
9. Support DSP control
10. 512 KB for parameters and data files
11. FPGA circuits are capable of providing FPGA internal memory data exchange between nodes.

1. Open-loop voltage control
       (a). Observation of 3-phase voltage control
       (b). Observation of PWM voltage control
       (c). Observation of PWM logic signal
       (d). Observation of feedbacked current waveform
       (e). Observation of phase angle in magnetic field
       (f). Observation of speed vs rotation angle
2. Position control in an open-loop circuit
3. Torque control in a closed-loop circuit
4. Speed control in a closed-loop circuit
5. Position control in a closed-loop circuit
6. Speed control with forward-path gain
7. Programmable position control


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